Rural Health

Rural Health

THA's constituency section on rural health promotes rural health services, programs and issues through advocacy, education, community, resource development, recruitment assistance and specialized technical support.

A primary focus of rural health is the critical access hospital (CAH) program, an alternative for rural hospitals that offers enhanced reimbursement and opportunites to better match a hospital's capabilities with a community's needs.

Rural Health Resources

THA Small or Rural Hospital Constituency Section Executive Committee

The association's Small or Rural Hospital Constituency Section assists the THA board of directors in addressing issues impacting the delivery of quality healthcare services by rural and small hospitals, and advocating for appropriate solutions to those issues. This constituency section desires to improve the health of the communities served by small and rural hospitals, and furnish needed health services of high quality, accessible to all persons in those communities at a reasonable cost. The executive committee meets on an as needed basis, usually via conference call. The composition of this committee is structured in accordance with the Small & Rural Hospital Constituency Section bylaws.